ChatterboxPro 3: Shafiqah & Kelly in conversation

New Format for ChatterboxPro
The ChatterboxPro team is trying out a new format for 2016: "X & Y in conversation"
  1. A pair of USP alums will be invited as speakers for each session.
  2. The speakers will be annouced in advance, with a short profile of what they've been up to. We'll ask you, our audience, what you would like to hear this pairing speak about.
  3. Based on audience feedback, the topic will be firmed up a week before the actual ChatterboxPro session. Each speaker will prepare 3 questions for the other: 2 are shared with the other speaker beforehand, while one is kept as a "surprise" question for the day itself.
Head over to the Facebook event page to let us know what you would like to hear from Shafiqah and Kelly. We can't wait to see what comes out of this!

ChatterboxPro 3: Shafiqah & Kelly in conversation
We're very grateful that Shafiqah Nadiah Song and Kelly Tay, two brave & amazing USP alumni, have agreed to be our "guinea pigs" for the new format. Here's a bit from Shafiqah & Kelly on what they've been up to recently. What would you like to hear them speak about?

Shafiqah Nadiah Song (aka @bookbaus):
I'm currently doing my Masters in English Literature at NUS, focusing on literature from the Iranian diaspora. Previously taught English Lit and Lang at the secondary level, then went on to spend two years at MOE HQ sending important emails. Thanks to the liberation of unemployment, I can now read more than one book a year. I blog about my reads/reading at bookbausblog.wordpress.com and post pictures of my books on Instagram @bookbaus.

Kelly Anne Tay:
I'm a financial journalist at The Business Times, where I cover all things macroeconomics-- Singapore's GDP, labour market, monetary and fiscal policy, etc. I've always been an arts person at heart, though-- I majored in English Lit while at NUS/USP, and pursued a Masters in Journalism at Columbia University in 2012 (with a focus on arts & culture writing), on a Fulbright Scholarship and an SPH Postgraduate Scholarship. Amid all the econs nonsense, I keep myself sane by writing offbeat features and commentaries.

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